Trump Urges Saudi Arabia to End Blockade of Goods into Yemen

President Trump called on the Saudi government to lift the restrictions on Yemen, saying it “must be done for humanitarian reasons immediately.”

Guant√°namo Defendant Is Sentenced, in Rare Success for Military Commission

A Guantánamo military commission sentenced a Saudi detainee to 13 years in prison for terrorism offenses, even as defense lawyers quit another case before the tribunals.

Iran Is Smuggling Increasingly Potent Weapons Into Yemen, U.S. Admiral Says

The outgoing top Navy admiral in the Middle East said that Iran is helping worsen the conflict in Yemen by giving rebels more precise missiles to fire deeper into Saudi Arabia.

Grandparents Win Reprieve From Trump Travel Ban in Federal Court

A ruling in Hawaii expands the list of “bona fide” relationships that can qualify refugees to enter the country, opening the door to thousands.

Saudi Arabia Tries to Ease Concerns Over Civilian Deaths in Yemen

Riyadh is training its military to help prevent civilian casualties and taking other steps that amount to conditions on $110 billion in proposed weapons sales.