Trump Blames New York Terrorist Attack on Schumer and Immigration Policies

A day after eight were killed in New York, the president asserted that the attacker entered the country through diversity program, “a Chuck Schumer beauty.”

U.S.-Turkey Visa Standoff Disrupts Business and Tourism

As the diplomatic dispute lingers, Turks and Americans are struggling with the effects, and the United States is demanding protection for its consular staff.

Immigrant Shielded From Deportation by Philadelphia Church Walks Free

The resolution of Javier Flores Garcia’s case is a small victory for the sanctuary movement, which offers potential deportees refuge in houses of worship.

Killing in Kansas Bar Put Victim’s Widow at Risk of Deportation

When Sunayana Dumala’s husband was killed in a suspected hate crime in February, she lost her legal right to remain in the United States.