Fact Check: These Claims About ‘Chain Migration’ Are Not Accurate

President Trump claimed “22 to 24 people came in” the United States on immigration visas sponsored by the Manhattan truck attacker, but this is implausible.

Without New Laws or Walls, Trump Presses the Brake on Legal Immigration

The administration says its tougher stand on visa and green card applications will protect Americans from terrorism and job loss, but some call it arbitrary.

Fact Check: Trump Embellishes the Truth in a Speech to the Thin Blue Line

Among other claims, President Trump inaccurately said the Obama administration “refused” to equip police with military gear with little reason.

Trump Administration Adds Restrictions for Visa-Waiver Countries

Countries whose citizens can visit the United States without a visa must step up their information sharing and put in effect other security measurements, American officials said.

Right and Left React to the New York Attack and Trump’s Call to End the Green Card Lottery

Writers from across the political spectrum on confronting the threat of terrorism and the president’s call to end the Diversity Visa Lottery.