Graduate Students Escaped Tax Increases, but They Still Feel a Target on Their Backs

House Republicans took aim at graduate students with provisions to tax their benefits. Those were dropped from the tax deal but they could return in a separate bill.

New Higher Education Bill Rolls Back Obama-Era Safeguards

A House rewrite of the law governing higher education would dismantle several regulations imposed by the Obama administration to control for-profit colleges.

Student Loan Company Accused of Mismanaging Debt Forgiveness Program

The Massachusetts attorney general said the company had made errors that have potentially left students in debt far longer than they expected.

How Student Loan Forgiveness Changed Graduates’ Paths

By CAITLIN DICKERSON June 7, 2017 For Dr. Charles Phillips, the government’s public service loan forgiveness program meant he could spend his days researching childhood cancer, rather than starting a lucrative pediatrics practice. Neeraj Kumar plans to...

Household Debt Makes a Comeback in the U.S.

By MICHAEL CORKERY and STACY COWLEY May 17, 2017 It took nearly a decade, but debt has made a comeback. Americans have now borrowed more money than they did at the height of the credit bubble in 2008, just as the global financial system began to...