No to Jones. No to Moore. But Yes to Bugs, Elmer, Mickey and SpongeBob.

Alabama officials released the recipients of thousands of write-in votes. Some are living. Some are dead. Some were never alive in the first place.

Fact Check: Trump’s Revisionist History of His Role in Alabama Race

President Trump said he had always predicted Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama — despite campaigning for him and claiming “he’s going to do very well.”

Trump Urges Voters to Pick Roy Moore Instead of ‘Liberal Jones’

As the Alabama Senate election approaches, the president attacked the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, as a “Schumer/Pelosi puppet.”

Key Takeaways From Steve Bannon’s Interview With The Times

Mr. Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, discussed the Virginia governor’s race, the future of the Republican Party and more in an exclusive interview with The New York Times.

Roy Moore’s Alabama Victory Sets Off Talk of a G.O.P. Insurrection

Republicans are facing rebellions from Mississippi to Arizona that could imperil their grip on Congress, as Mr. Moore’s win emboldens populist challengers.