From Charlottesville to Gainesville to a College Town Near You, Campuses Brace for More Tumult in 2018

Public universities grapple with balancing freedom of expression — even hate speech — with providing safe campuses.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Is Barred From Speaking at a Federal Building

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center’s private management company cited security concerns in denying Mr. Spencer the space.

A Roadshow of Hate: Supremacist Rallies Fueled by Travelers From Afar

At two demonstrations in Tennessee on Saturday, as at many white nationalist events, local police faced unfamiliar crowds coming mostly from out of town.

Protesters Drown Out Richard Spencer at University of Florida

In his first college appearance since the violence in Charlottesville, Va., the white supremacist and his supporters were outnumbered by students and others protesting his views.

University of Florida Braces for Richard Spencer

By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS October 17, 2017 Richard B. Spencer, a prominent white nationalist, is scheduled to speak at the University of Florida on Thursday, prompting an outcry over whether his views are protected speech, dividing the campus and putting law...

After Charlottesville, Colleges Vow to Do Something. But What?

Universities are grappling with a dramatic spike in white supremacist activity on their campuses, forcing them to weigh competing priorities: safety, free speech and diversity.