Neo-Nazi Leader in Florida Sentenced to 5 Years Over Homemade Explosives

The authorities found the explosive material in Brandon Russell’s garage while investigating one of his roommates in the killing of the other two.

U.S. Had 23 Executions in 2017, Second-Lowest Number in a Quarter-Century

Executions, death sentences and public approval of capital punishment have been steadily declining, the Death Penalty Information Center said.

Sidebar: Serving Extra Years in Prison, and the Courthouse Doors Are Closed

The Trump administration has said some inmates cannot challenge their unlawfully long prison sentences, reversing a long-held Justice Department position.

5 Years in Prison, or 20? How Sessions’s Get-Tough Policy Would Alter Terms

By SHAILA DEWAN May 18, 2017 The federal courts in San Diego are full of cases like this: a 22-year-old man caught driving a car loaded with 33 kilograms of hidden methamphetamine — worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — across the Mexican...