As the Shutdown Loomed, Trump Reached Out to Schumer

But as happened in September — when a tentative deal fell apart after the president’s hard-line advisers and conservative supporters revolted — the meeting went nowhere.

A ‘Main Street’ Tax Speech Becomes a Trump Riff on the Rich

In a rambling speech in Missouri on Tuesday, President Trump criticized the rich and said the tax bill in Washington would not help people like him.

Trump Feuds With Democrats Ahead of a Possible Government Shutdown

In less than two weeks, much of the government will run out of money, but a negotiating session at the White House on Tuesday blew up after President Trump attacked Democrats.

Trump Blames New York Terrorist Attack on Schumer and Immigration Policies

A day after eight were killed in New York, the president asserted that the attacker entered the country through diversity program, “a Chuck Schumer beauty.”

‘Chuck and Nancy,’ Washington’s New Power Couple, Set Sights on Health Care

Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer hold no formal reins of power, but the Democratic leaders have emerged as a surprising force.