On Washington: Sharper State Divide in Congress Seen as ‘New Civil War’

The prospect of more states with less bipartisan representation is likely to increase the intense polarization in Congress.

G.O.P. Finally Notches 2017 Victory While Bracing for 2018 Verdict

After a year when legislative victories eluded them, Republicans secured a big one at the end. But at what cost?

How Republicans Rallied Together to Deliver a Tax Cut

The rushed timeline of the bill resulted from the failure of health care legislation over the summer — and a collective decision to block out bad news.

News Analysis: File Your Taxes on a Postcard? A G.O.P. Promise Marked Undeliverable

The tax bill on the cusp of being passed by Congress is not the grand simplification of the code that Republicans promised when they set out to eliminate tax breaks and cut the number of tax brackets.

Trent Franks, Accused of Offering $5 Million to Impregnate an Aide, Abruptly Resigns

Mr. Franks, Republican of Arizona, resigned earlier than expected after two women said he wanted to use sex as a means to impregnate them.

Conyers Will Leave Congress in Wake of Harassment Claims

The country’s longest-serving congressman plans to announce his decision Tuesday, said his great-nephew, who plans to run for the seat.