‘The Hurt Is Still There’: Abuse Survivors Grapple With Cardinal’s Death

Victims of abuse by Catholic priests in the Boston archdiocese say they are still angry that Cardinal Bernard F. Law was never brought to justice for his role in the church’s cover-up.

A Catholic Priest in Wisconsin Reveals a Secret: ‘I Am Gay’

Father Gregory Greiten, a priest in Milwaukee, opened up to his parishioners and to readers of a Catholic newspaper about his sexuality, saying role models were needed to say there is nothing wrong with being gay.

Deacon Stabbed to Death at Transitional Home for Men on Long Island

The police said they were seeking a shelter resident in the death of the deacon, Patrick Logsdon, who ran the home for more than 30 years.

Vatican Shines Light on Child Abuse as Claims Against Priests Persist

The church is holding a congress in Rome on protecting children from online abuse, but with a new scandal involving a priest, the timing is awkward.

High Schools Threaten to Punish Students Who Kneel During Anthem

Schools on Long Island and in Louisiana have cautioned students against protesting. And in public schools, such directives run up against students’ First Amendment rights.