Manafort Working on Kurdish Referendum Opposed by U.S.

President Trump’s former campaign chairman has continued soliciting international business even as his past international work is under investigation.

Despite Vote in Favor, Puerto Rico Faces a Daunting Road to Statehood

Puerto Ricans were delivering conflicting messages before a skeptical Congress the day after voters overwhelmingly cast ballots in favor of statehood.

Puerto Ricans Vote on the Question of Statehood

By FRANCES ROBLES June 11, 2017 SAN JUAN, P.R. — For the fifth time in Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States, Puerto Ricans voted Sunday on whether they wished to become the country’s 51st state. This time, the nonbinding...

Amid Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Ruins, a New Push for Statehood

Leer en español By RICHARD FAUSSET May 16, 2017 SAN JUAN, P.R. — It is a proudly Spanish-speaking territory at a time when the White House has taken down the Spanish version of its website. It is as materially poor as it is culturally rich. And...