As Economy Strengthens, Fed Ponders New Approach

The Federal Reserve is welcoming a debate among economists about proposed changes that might improve its response to future economic downturns.

Wealth Grew Broadly Over 3 Years, but Inequality Widened

Low-wage workers and other groups largely left out early in the recovery did better from 2013 to 2016, a study shows, but the richest gained the most.

Median U.S. Household Income Up for 2nd Straight Year; Tops ’07 Level

By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM September 12, 2017 WASHINGTON — American household incomes rose strongly for the second straight year in 2016, as the long-running economic recovery generated broad gains in prosperity. The median household income was $59,000 in...

On Money: The Major Blind Spots in Macroeconomics

Years after the financial crisis — a disaster that economists were supposed to foresee but didn’t — the field still struggles with its self-conception.