Fox in the Globalist Henhouse? Davos Awaits Trump’s Arrival

How will President Trump’s protectionism go over at the elite World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which draws leaders who believe in globalism and free trade?

As Trump Appeals to Farmers, Some of His Policies Don’t

The president will cast himself as a friend to farmers in a speech on Monday, but his position on trade and some parts of the new tax law threaten to undercut their interests.

U.S. Tax Bill May Inspire Cuts Globally, While Fueling Trade Tensions

Other countries may need to cut corporate taxes to stay competitive. But companies outside the United States also worry the bill discriminates against them.

‘Army’ of Lobbyists Hits Capitol Hill to Defend Nafta

More than 100 business and industry leaders lobbied senators on Tuesday in an effort to preserve Nafta.