Surveillance and Privacy Debate Reaches Pivotal Moment in Congress

A yearslong debate over warrantless surveillance and Americans’ privacy rights faces a crucial test on Thursday in the House of Representatives.

Cellphone and Computer Searches at U.S. Border Rise Under Trump

Border agents say the electronic searches have stopped terrorism suspects and criminals, but privacy advocates call them an invasive violation of the Constitution.

Disney World, Citing Safety, Drops ‘Do Not Disturb’ Signs at Some Hotels

The policy change, intended to bolster security, requires a hotel employee to enter every room daily. And Disney is not the only hotel to reassess the signs recently.

Privacy Complaints Mount Over Phone Searches at U.S. Border Since 2011

Complaints filed by people whose electronics were searched at the border without warrants highlight a growing debate over privacy, security and technology.

U.S. Government Went Through These People’s Phones at the Border. Read Their Stories.

Here are additional excerpts from complaints filed by people whose electronic devices were searched at the border, supplementing a companion article.