Young Women Are Using A.D.H.D. Drugs in Greater Numbers, C.D.C. Reports

Since 2003, the percentage of women filling prescriptions for drugs like Ritalin has increased nearly fivefold in some age groups.

The U.S. Fertility Rate Is Down, Yet More Women Are Mothers

The biggest increases have come from some groups who in the past were far less likely to have babies: the highly educated, those over 40, and women who have never been married.

Why the Tally of the Church Shooting’s Victims Included a Fetus

Whether an unborn baby is legally a separate victim of murder from its mother varies from state to state, and is tangled up in the debate over when life begins.

Undocumented Teenager Obtains Abortion After Court Victory

A 17-year-old from Central America who is in federal custody underwent the procedure a day after an appeals court said the government must permit it.

The Healing Edge: To Mend a Birth Defect, Surgeons Operate on the Patient Within the Patient

In a startling experimental procedure, doctors lift the uterus from a pregnant woman and operate on a fetus with miniature instruments.