Janet Yellen Didn’t Set Out to Be a Feminist Hero

The Federal Reserve chair (don’t call her “chairwoman”) quietly achieved rock-star status. Now that she’s leaving, her many fans are sad to see her go.

Fed, Perplexed by Low Inflation, Is Still Ready to Raise Rates

As Federal Reserve officials struggle to understand why inflation remains low, two of them give their reasons for being on different sides of the debate.

Jerome Powell, Nominee to Lead Federal Reserve, Promises Continuity

Jerome H. Powell plans to tell a Senate committee on Tuesday that he wants to build on the Fed’s approach to monetary and regulatory policy.

Who Is Jerome Powell: Trump’s Pick for Fed Chairman

By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM and KEVIN GRANVILLE November 2, 2017 Jerome H. Powell will come to the chairman’s job at the Federal Reserve with a wide-ranging résumé. He has worked in investment banking, in law and in government as an...

Trump to Announce Jerome Powell as New Fed Chairman

President Trump breaks with precedent by picking Jerome H. Powell, a Republican on the Federal Reserve’s board, instead of reappointing Janet Yellen.