Ministers Look to Revive Martin Luther King’s 1968 Poverty Campaign

Religious leaders hope protests and civil disobedience can force the issue of poverty back onto the national agenda at a time when attention is focused mainly on the middle class.

Storm With ‘No Boundaries’ Took Aim at Rich and Poor Alike

By JULIE TURKEWITZ and AUDRA D.S. BURCH August 31, 2017 HOUSTON — Antonio Armenta paid $45,000 for the little white house with the arched kitchen doorway by the train tracks in northeast Houston, where he is raising his children on...

Bringing the Dream of an Elite College to Rural Students

By placing college advisers in public schools, an organization is trying to break down the social, economic and psychological barriers that keep low-income rural students from dreaming big.

Economic View: To Help Tackle Inequality, Remember the Advantages You’ve Had

April 28, 2017 Economic View By SENDHIL MULLAINATHAN Most Americans view current levels of economic inequality as a problem: In fact, for 30 years, Gallup polls have consistently found a clear majority supporting a more even distribution of wealth and income. But...