Individual Mandate Now Gone, G.O.P. Targets the One for Employers

Congressional Republicans will try once again to undo a requirement in the Affordable Care Act for employers to offer coverage to their employees.

Trump Officials, After Rejecting Obama Medicare Model, Adopt One Like It

The Trump administration has unveiled a Medicare program that closely resembles the Obama-era efforts to change the way doctors and hospitals are paid.

Public Health: Remember Trump’s Pitch on Health Care Associations? Now We Know What He Meant

The associations are part of a larger set of policies meant to chip away at Obamacare, and are likely to destabilize its markets for individual and small business insurance.

Trump Proposes New Health Plan Options for Small Businesses

The Trump administration proposed new rules that could expand access to lower-cost insurance exempt from some requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Years of Attack Leave Obamacare a More Government-Focused Health Law

Efforts by Republicans to chip away at the Affordable Care Act, culminating in the repeal of the individual mandate, have left behind a more government-focused health program.

Obamacare Sign-ups at High Levels Despite Trump Saying It’s ‘Imploding’

Sign-ups at reached 8.8 million, just shy of last year’s levels, despite an open enrollment period that was half as long and far less advertised.