Las Vegas Gunman Took Elaborate Steps to Hide His Tracks, New Documents Show

F.B.I. search warrants shed new light on the degree to which Stephen Paddock planned the attack and prepared for the aftermath to come.

The Las Vegas Gunman Was Rich. Will His Wealth Go to the Victims?

Stephen Paddock’s family supports the idea of giving his money to victims. The challenge will be to make sure it’s not depleted by legal expenses.

Gunman Opens Fire From Reno Condominium

The attacker died, but no one else was injured in an episode reminiscent of the Las Vegas hotel killings two months ago.

Are Mass Murderers Insane? Usually Not, Researchers Say

Devin P. Kelley, who killed 26 churchgoers in Texas, may have been deeply disturbed. But severe mental illness cannot explain most cases of mass murder.

‘You’re a Quadriplegic’: A Las Vegas Victim Faces a Hard Reality

Kim Gervais and two friends went to hear country music. Then the gunfire began. She was gravely injured, one of her friends died and one survived.

Vegas Gunman’s Brain Will Be Scrutinized for Clues to the Killing

A Stanford neuropathologist will be looking for physical abnormalities in Stephen Paddock’s brain, although the examination is unlikely to answer the mystery of the mass killing.