Drilling Off Florida Is Still On the Table, Interior Official Says

A surprise statement on Friday undercut last week’s announcement that Florida had been granted an exemption from President Trump’s offshore-drilling plan.

Florida Is Exempted From Coastal Drilling. Other States Ask, ‘Why Not Us?’

A surprise decision to exclude Florida, but not other states, from a plan to open up most of the nation’s coastline to offshore drilling raised questions about the plan’s legality.

U.S. to Roll Back Safety Rules Created After Deepwater Horizon Spill

The Interior Department said reversing the Obama-era regulations would reduce “unnecessary burdens” on the energy industry.

An Alaska Senator Wants to Fight Climate Change and Drill for Oil, Too

Senator Lisa Murkowski’s views will take center stage this week in a hearing on opening an Arctic wildlife area to oil drilling.

Senate Unveils Budget Blueprint Allowing $1.5 Trillion in Tax Cuts

The release of the Senate’s budget resolution is a critical step toward passing a tax overhaul that is protected from a Democratic filibuster.