Obamacare Sign-ups at High Levels Despite Trump Saying It’s ‘Imploding’

Sign-ups at Healthcare.gov reached 8.8 million, just shy of last year’s levels, despite an open enrollment period that was half as long and far less advertised.

Trump National Security Strategy Sees U.S. Confronting China and Russia

The strategy the president plans to outline Monday is at odds with his often-warm relations with the leaders of China and Russia.

Strong Demand for Health Insurance as Deadline Looms

Nearly 4.7 million people have signed up for health insurance despite cutbacks in federal efforts to promote enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.

New Higher Education Bill Rolls Back Obama-Era Safeguards

A House rewrite of the law governing higher education would dismantle several regulations imposed by the Obama administration to control for-profit colleges.

Cat Hair Links Woman to Bombs Mailed to Obama and Texas Governor, Officials Say

The woman, Julia Poff, also sent an explosive device to the Social Security Administration, prosecutors say. Gov. Greg Abbott opened the package but it did not detonate.