On Washington: Election Rattles Congressional Republicans, and Their Agenda, While Buoying Democrats

Losses in Virginia and elsewhere are likely to spur a push for a tax overhaul that would endanger Republican incumbents in higher-tax states.

Key Takeaways From Tuesday’s Elections

A suburban rebellion against President Trump propelled Democrats to victory in races for governor, state legislature and mayor, in a series of elections.

News Analysis: Trumpism Without Trump: A Losing Formula in Swing-State Virginia

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, ran into the clear limits of trying to run as President Trump had in a swing state.

Who Is Ralph Northam, Winner of Virginia’s Governor’s Race?

Mr. Northam, Virginia’s lieutenant governor, defeated his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie, according to The Associated Press, on Tuesday to keep the state’s governorship in Democratic hands.

Avoiding Trump, but Adopting His Divisive Playbook: Will It Work in Virginia?

A racially tinged campaign by the Republican nominee for governor, Ed Gillespie, has tightened the race and, perhaps, presented a template for how to run in the Trump era.