Why the Push to Ban Rifle ‘Bump Stocks’ Has Hit a Bump in the Road

Gun conversion kits known as bump stocks were the talk of the Capitol a month ago after a mass shooting in Las Vegas. But the push to ban them has slowed. A hearing is set for next week.

In Virginia, Gun Control Heats Up the Governor’s Race

By TRIP GABRIEL October 6, 2017 RICHMOND, Va. — Al Stenger, who is undecided in the Virginia governor’s race next month, is the sort of voter the Democratic candidate badly wants to reach. Mr. Stenger, a dentist who leans Republican, was...

Growing Call for New Look at ‘Bump Stocks,’ Including From the N.R.A.

After 58 people were killed in Las Vegas, the National Rifle Association, which opposes most gun control proposals, called for restrictions on devices that make rifles fire faster.

Fact Check: Spurious Chart, Data on N.R.A. Spending Mislead in Gun Debate

Do more guns mean less gun homicides? Did Planned Parenthood outspend the National Rifle Association? And what is the impact of a gun silencer?

Trump Keeps His Conservative Movement Allies Closest

The White House has spent considerable time and effort cultivating the right, the one constituency it knows it cannot afford to alienate.

Trump to Tell N.R.A. in Person: Thank You

President Trump will be the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to address the annual convention of the gun rights group, which spent over $30 million to help get him elected.