Trump Administration Wants More Control Over U.S. Lands for Border Wall

“This should set off all kinds of red flags,” said one advocate, fearing the land grab will violate civil liberties. Others say it will harm the environment.

The Reflecting Pool Isn’t a Skating Rink, Washington Tells Visitors

With extreme cold blanketing parts of the East Coast, there have been many opportunities for sliding and skating — even in places where it is risky and unauthorized.

Lines Are Drawn Over Design for a National World War I Memorial

A monument to commemorate the Great War has prompted criticism over its design and a rush to finish it by the end of 2018.

Statue of Naked Woman Is Blocked From National Mall

The National Park Service denied a permit submitted by a group that sought to bring the 45-foot-tall steel sculpture to Washington.

America’s Most Popular Statues

Statues honoring the Confederacy have gotten a lot of attention lately. But the statues that draw millions are largely monuments to freedom.