Bruce McCandless, First to Fly Untethered in Space, Dies at 80

An iconic photo of Mr. McCandless floating above Earth captured the imagination of millions. He also played a role in Neil Armstrong’s famed moonwalk.

Key Takeaways From Doug Jones’s Alabama Victory

The defeat of Roy S. Moore, the Republican, in Alabama’s Senate election contains some worrying signs for the party as it heads into the 2018 midterms.

Paul Weitz, Astronaut on Skylab and Challenger, Dies at 85

Captain Weitz commanded the shuttle Challenger on its maiden voyage, and after it later exploded, he was among NASA officials who examined why.

Bag With Moon Dust in It Fetches $1.8 Million From a Mystery Buyer

By JACEY FORTIN July 21, 2017 A small white bag that has been to the moon and back — both literally and metaphorically — was purchased by an anonymous buyer for $1,812,500 (including a premium of $312,500) at auction at Sotheby’s on...