Las Vegas Police Release New Details of Massacre Investigation

The Las Vegas sheriff said that while he was confident that Stephen Paddock was the only gunman, there was still another person under investigation.

Baltimore Fires Another Police Commissioner, After Record High Murder Rate

“I’m impatient,” Mayor Catherine Pugh said. The new commissioner announced plans to flood city streets with waves of officers.

Supreme Court Skeptical of Lawyer’s Conduct in Death Penalty Case

Justices weighed the case of Robert McCoy, who told his lawyer he was innocent of a triple murder. His lawyer told the jury he was guilty in a bid to avoid the death penalty.

For One Baltimore School, Seven Gun Deaths Is Seven Too Many

The city is trying everything it can think of to reverse a soaring homicide rate. But its fundamental problems keep getting in the way.

To Save His Client’s Life, a Lawyer Ignored His Wishes. Did He Go Too Far?

The Supreme Court will decide whether Larry English violated his client’s constitutional rights by telling the jury the man killed three people.