Removal of Confederate Statues in Memphis Stirs ‘Sense of Relief’

While much of Memphis welcomed the removal of the park statues, city leaders’ creative solution for getting rid of them incited anger and legal threats.

Confederate Statues in Memphis Being Removed After City Council Vote

The City Council voted Wednesday to sell two public parks to a private entity, allowing the city to skirt a state law barring the removal of the memorials.

‘Comfort Women’ Statue in San Francisco Leads a Japanese City to Cut Ties

A long-running dispute between South Korea and Japan was reignited by a memorial for women who were sex slaves during World War II.

Virginia Restricts Protests at Lee Monument in Richmond After Clashes

The regulations, which will stay in place for at least 18 months, limit the size of crowds at the statue and bans weapons at permitted events, the governor said.

Lines Are Drawn Over Design for a National World War I Memorial

A monument to commemorate the Great War has prompted criticism over its design and a rush to finish it by the end of 2018.