Pennsylvania Congressional District Map Is Ruled Unconstitutional

The state Supreme Court’s order on Monday joins a string of court decisions that have struck down political maps for unduly favoring one political party. The court ordered that a new map be submitted to it by Feb. 15.

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks North Carolina Gerrymandering Ruling

The decision makes it likely the 2018 elections will be held using districts favorable to Republicans, but it is not particularly telling as the court weighs partisan gerrymandering.

Poll Finds Upturn in Sentiment on Tax Overhaul and Economy

The finding could be good news for Republicans looking to the midterm elections, but less comfort for President Trump, who was given little credit.

As Shutdown Talk Rises, Trump’s Immigration Words Pose Risks for Both Parties

The fight over President Trump’s vulgar comment is exposing divisions in both parties, raising the risk of a government shutdown with unknown political consequences.

On Washington: Sharper State Divide in Congress Seen as ‘New Civil War’

The prospect of more states with less bipartisan representation is likely to increase the intense polarization in Congress.