AT&T and Union Reach Accord on Job Protection for Workers

Under the deal, 20,000 wireless employees would get better pay and job protection. The union will push for the company’s acquisition of Time Warner.

As Walmart Buys Online Retailers, Their Health Benefits Suffer

Employees at several e-commerce companies recently acquired by Walmart are finding that their coverage will come at a far higher price.

Fact Check: Examining Trump’s Asia Deals That He Says Are Worth Billions

Abroad this week, President Trump said he struck deals with China, Japan and South Korea — citing earlier agreements and relying on wishful thinking.

Targeting China’s Purchases, Congress Proposes Tougher Reviews of Foreign Investments

Members of the House and Senate proposed more stringent reviews of Chinese investments Wednesday, even as President Trump traveled to Beijing to announce new deals.

Sempra Bid Tops Buffett and Singer in Race for Energy Future

The California-based energy company has agreed to pay $9.45 billion for the bankrupt power giant, the subject of a tussle between two billionaire investors.

Economic Trends: The Amazon-Walmart Showdown That Explains the Modern Economy

Economic Trends By NEIL IRWIN June 16, 2017 With Amazon buying the high-end grocery chain Whole Foods, something retail analysts have known for years is now apparent to everyone: The online retailer is on a collision course with Walmart to try to be the...