Justices to Hear Second Partisan Gerrymandering Case

The Supreme Court, which heard arguments in October on Wisconsin’s voting maps, agreed to consider a similar challenge from Maryland.

Justices Return to Culture Wars in Wedding Cake Case

A Colorado baker’s refusal to serve a gay couple on religious grounds has led to a major Supreme Court showdown.

Trump Names Supreme Court Candidates for a Nonexistent Vacancy

Having promised to pick any new Supreme Court justice from a list of pre-announced names, President Trump on Friday “refreshed” his list, adding five more judges.

Back at Full Strength, Supreme Court Faces a Momentous Term

Justices will hear cases on how elections are conducted, on the right to privacy in the digital age and on whether religion can justify discrimination.

Sidebar: Gay Rights Groups Seek One More Win From Justice Kennedy

July 17, 2017 By ADAM LIPTAK Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, the greatest judicial champion of gay rights in the nation’s history, will turn 81 on Sunday. Rumors that he would retire in June turned out to be wrong, but he will not be on the Supreme Court forever....

Supreme Court Rules for Bush Officials in Post-9/11 Suit

The Supreme Court ruled that former Bush administration officials could not be sued for policies adopted after the terrorist attacks that led to the detainment of Muslims.