Two Democrats Sworn in to Senate, Cutting G.O.P. Margin to One

Doug Jones of Alabama and Tina Smith of Minnesota were sworn in as senators on Wednesday, leaving Republicans with a 51-49 majority and the Senate with a record 22 women.

No to Jones. No to Moore. But Yes to Bugs, Elmer, Mickey and SpongeBob.

Alabama officials released the recipients of thousands of write-in votes. Some are living. Some are dead. Some were never alive in the first place.

Santa and SpongeBob Helped Doug Jones Win. Here’s How.

There were more than 22,000 write-in votes cast in the Alabama Senate race. That number exceeded the margin of Doug Jones’s victory. Republicans, unwilling to cross party lines, but unhappy with Roy S. Moore, presumably wrote in these names.

Roy Moore Asks Alabama Court to Block Election’s Certification

Less than 24 hours before Alabama officials were expected to certify the results of a Senate election, Roy S. Moore went to court claiming voter fraud.

Democrats Leave Few Seats Unchallenged in Quest for House Control

Stung by their failure to field candidates in crucial House races last year, Democrats are contesting virtually every Republican-held House seat in 2018.