News Analysis: Trump’s Demand to Rewrite Iran Deal Tests a Weakened Diplomatic Corps

The Trump administration is being forced to rethink strategies that were driven largely by military considerations.

Trump Hates the Iran Deal but Won’t Kill It. Why?

Despite tough talk on Iran, President Trump announced that he would waive certain sanctions that keep the nuclear deal in place.

Trump Reiterates Support for Iranian Protesters, but Also Criticizes Obama

Unlike President Barack Obama, who was faulted for his response to the protests that became known as the Green Movement, President Trump has come down on the side of the demonstrators

Many Questions, Few Answers on U.S. Claims of Iran Violations

Nikki R. Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations, presented what she said was evidence that Iran was violating one of its international agreements. John Ismay, a Times reporter, said the evidence fell short of proving her claims.

Top E.U. Diplomat Rejects Trump’s Call for New Iran Nuclear Deal

The diplomat said that the deal was working and that American officials had assured her that the United States would continue to comply with the agreement.