Trump Administration Postpones an Obama Fair-Housing Rule

HUD will delay rollout of a measure requiring communities to analyze how their policies might be fostering racial and economic inequality.

Economic Scene: Considering the Cost of Lower Taxes

The American aversion to taxes is singular among wealthy nations and may have produced a government unequal to today’s economic and social challenges.

‘Like Going Back in Time’: Puerto Ricans Put Survival Skills to Use

Using generators, rationing, and even bonfires, Puerto Ricans have had to get creative to survive weeks without power or regular water and food after Hurricane Maria.

I.M.F. Cautions Against Tax Cuts for Wealthy as Republicans Consider Them

The International Monetary Fund said global leaders need to address income inequality or risk undermining economic growth.

Economic Scene: Tax Cuts, Sold as Fuel for Growth, Widen Gap Between Rich and Poor

October 3, 2017 Eduardo Porter ECONOMIC SCENE It is a little unsettling that the intellectual underpinning of tax policy in the United States today was jotted down on a napkin at the Two Continents Restaurant in Washington in December 1974. That was when, legend has...