Democrats Question Justice Dept. Power to Charge Sanctuary City Leaders

California’s senators asked Jeff Sessions why the Justice Department is exploring criminal charges against local politicians.

Workplace Raids Signal Shifting Tactics in Immigration Fight

The Trump administration says its actions show the price of employing workers illegally, a message being felt keenly among the workers themselves.

Motel 6 Gave Guest Lists to Immigration Agents in Washington State, Lawsuit Says

The suit, brought by the state attorney general, suggests that employees helped ICE agents beyond Arizona, where the practice was revealed last year.

Homeland Security Increasingly Means Putting Agents Outside the Homeland

Set up to defend the United States, the Homeland Security Department is going beyond American borders to fight foreign threats from abroad.

Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Meets Reality

As ICE arrests have gone up, deportations have gone down. Why? It’s partly because of the complex realities of tough policy in practice.