After Irma and Maria: How 3 Spots on the U.S. Virgin Islands Are Faring

More than two months after the disaster on the U.S. Virgin Islands began, we checked back on some spots that we visited and photographed not long after the storms hit.

Trump Ignores Climate Change. That’s Very Bad for Disaster Planners.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is trying to prepare for bigger floods even as the White House is hostile to talking about climate change.

911 Calls From Nursing Home Where Residents Died: ‘Oh My God, This Is Crazy’

By SHERI FINK October 16, 2017 It was 3 a.m. when a nurse at a Hollywood, Fla., nursing home called 911 one day last month. “There’s a patient who’s in cardiac arrest,” she told the operator. “Code Blue. Respiratory...

Trump Warns Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico That Aid Won’t Last ‘Forever’

Tweets that partly blamed Puerto Rico for the crisis set off alarms on the island and sent the president’s aides scrambling to reassure its residents.

House Approves $36.5 Billion Hurricane and Wildfire Aid Package

The relief package is the second installment of aid passed by lawmakers to respond to this year’s hurricanes, and much more money will still be needed.