Heroin in Soups and Lollipops: How Drug Cartels Evade Border Security

Even as the United States spends billions of dollars along the Mexican border, traffickers are exploiting weaknesses elsewhere, shipping parcels by mail, by air and on Amtrak.

U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Take Aim at Taliban Opium Labs

The airstrikes are part of what is expected to be a sustained campaign targeting a lucrative source of funding for the Taliban.

Opioid Users Are Filling Jails. Why Don’t Jails Treat Them?

Getting methadone in jail gave a Connecticut heroin user a firmer foothold in recovery. But fewer than 1 percent of jails and prisons allow it.

Haven for Recovering Addicts Now Profits From Their Relapses

By LIZETTE ALVAREZ June 20, 2017 DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — It was the kind of afternoon that cold-weary tourists revel in as they sip mojitos near the beach — a dazzling sun, a sky so blue it verged on Photoshopped and weather fit for flip-flops. But...