Administration Delays Prosecuting Qaeda Suspect Once Seen as Candidate for Guantánamo

The delay is the latest example of how, in Mr. Trump’s first year in office, his campaign pledges have met the complicated realities of fighting terrorism.

Who Owns Art From Guantánamo Bay? Not Prisoners, U.S. Says

An art exhibit in Manhattan put detainees’ work on display. Now the Pentagon is deciding whether more art from Guantánamo Bay can be shared.

Following Trump’s Lead, Republicans Grow Quiet on Guantánamo

As the military commission system has struggled to bring terrorism suspects to justice, civilian courts have been much more effective.

Trump Suggests Guantánamo Prison for Truck Attack Suspect, an Unprecedented Step

No one arrested on American soil has ever been transferred to the military’s wartime prison, and no new detainee has been sent there since 2008.

Guantánamo Defendant Is Sentenced, in Rare Success for Military Commission

A Guantánamo military commission sentenced a Saudi detainee to 13 years in prison for terrorism offenses, even as defense lawyers quit another case before the tribunals.

Military Is Waiting Longer Before Force-Feeding Hunger Strikers, Detainees Say

The military appears to be letting protesters deteriorate past a point that once prompted medical attention. One lawyer called it a new strategy to stop the hunger strikes.