U.K.’s Next Brexit Agony: What Sort of Trade Deal?

Britain’s next step will be as divisive as any. It must decide whether to model future ties with the European Union on Norway, Canada, a Canada-Singapore hybrid, or something else.

U.K. Finance Minister Seeks to Placate Angry Young Voters

With Brexit looming large, more-affordable housing featured prominently as Philip Hammond presented his budget to Parliament.

Bank of England Raises Rates for First Time in a Decade

The interest rate increase comes at a delicate time for the British economy, as the central bank tries to strike a balance between moderate growth and rising inflation.

Theresa May Seeks to Unlock Brexit Talks in Florence Speech

By STEPHEN CASTLE September 22, 2017 LONDON — After a week of particularly fraught infighting in London, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain will try on Friday to end the stalemate in negotiations over her country’s withdrawal from the European...

Trade Imbalance: The Minuscule Importance of Manufacturing in Far-Right Politics

In both the United States and Europe, far-right voters are far more likely to express concerns about immigration and race than trade.

Preparing for ‘Brexit,’ Britons Face Economic Pinch at Home

By PETER S. GOODMAN June 11, 2017 LONDON — Right about now, Eddie Stamton, a construction worker, would normally be making preparations to jet off to a sandy stretch of the Mediterranean for a summer holiday. Not this year. In the year since...