Republican Senators Raise Possible Charges Against Author of Trump Dossier

The first congressional criminal referral in connection with Russian meddling targeted a former British spy, not anyone accused of conspiracy.

Score One for Corn: In Battle Between Refiners and Farmers, Farmers Win

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it would not change the rule mandating a rising percentage of ethanol to be blended with gasoline.

Senate Panel Says Kushner Failed to Provide Russia Documents

In a bipartisan letter, the Senate Judiciary Committee said that President Trump’s son-in-law did not hand over documents about a “Russian backdoor overture.”

Sessions Refuses to Discuss His Conversations With Trump About Comey or Russia

Attorney General Jeff Sessions declined to answer many questions in his first Judiciary Committee appearance as the top law enforcement officer.

Judiciary Chairman Considers Subpoenas in Trump Investigation

Senate Judiciary Committee leaders are growing frustrated with what they see as stonewalling from the Justice Department over their Russia probe.

On Washington: As G.O.P. Moves to Fill Courts, McConnell Takes Aim at an Enduring Hurdle

Senator Mitch McConnell said that individual senators should no longer be able to block federal appeals court nominees by withholding so-called blue slips, a major break with Senate practice.