Wielding Data, Women Force a Reckoning Over Bias in the Economics Field

Longstanding complaints about the barriers women face in the economics profession are beginning to resonate within the male-dominated field.

Graduate Students Escaped Tax Increases, but They Still Feel a Target on Their Backs

House Republicans took aim at graduate students with provisions to tax their benefits. Those were dropped from the tax deal but they could return in a separate bill.

House G.O.P. Tax Writers Take Aim at College Tuition Benefits

The House tax bill, up for a vote on Thursday, would tax benefits that put the children of college workers through schooland help doctoral students get their degrees.

Seeking a Voice, Via a Bilingual M.F.A., in Writing and in Life

In a program at the University of Texas at El Paso, students from both sides of the border write and speak in English, Spanish and Spanglish.