The Longer It Lasts, the More a Shutdown Could Hurt the Economy

The early days of the federal government shutdown won’t slow the American economy much, but that could change if the impasse drags out.

Carillion Collapse Could Lead to Thousands of Job Losses in U.K.

The company’s demise leaves a vast web of subcontractors unsure what to expect. The government says Carillion’s public-sector work will continue.

Why ‘Made in America’ Is Stitched Into the Law, but Not the Uniforms

The case of Secret Service and other federal uniforms shows just how difficult President Trump’s push to “buy American” is to implement in an age of global trade.

Contractor for Puerto Rico Power Suspends Work, Citing Unpaid Bills

While its highly criticized $300 million contract has been canceled, Whitefish Energy Holdings says that it is still owed tens of millions of dollars.

Puerto Rico Ignored Lawyers’ Advice Over Whitefish Energy Contract

Records released Monday night show that as the Puerto Rico electric company’s contract with Whitefish Energy Holdings was drafted and revised, the rates kept rising.