Democrats’ Quandary on Gorsuch: Appease the Base or Honor the Process

The Supreme Court nominee presents a challenge for moderate Democratic senators, who must negotiate the anger of liberal voters and an instinct for comity among lawmakers.

On Washington: In Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmations, Parsing the Meaning of ‘Yes’

Does opposition now contradict silence in the past? The parties warring over Judge Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination are framing the answer to their advantage.

Gorsuch Not Easy to Pigeonhole on Gay Rights, Friends Say

Democrats and gay rights groups oppose Judge Gorsuch, but interviews with his friends and legal experts suggest that his views are not so easy to determine.

Calls for Protests for and Against Planned Parenthood

As anti-abortion groups plan protests at over 200 Planned Parenthood centers on Saturday, supporters of the women’s health provider are staging 150 counterprotests.