Supreme Court Considers a Raucous Party and an Endangered Frog

The Supreme Court ruled that the police were entitled to arrest partygoers in a vacant house and will hear the case of the dusky gopher frog.

Trump Names Supreme Court Candidates for a Nonexistent Vacancy

Having promised to pick any new Supreme Court justice from a list of pre-announced names, President Trump on Friday “refreshed” his list, adding five more judges.

Supreme Court Divided on Arbitration for Workplace Cases

In earlier rulings, the court endorsed arbitration clauses in consumer contracts. A new decision could affect 25 million employment contracts.

Back at Full Strength, Supreme Court Faces a Momentous Term

Justices will hear cases on how elections are conducted, on the right to privacy in the digital age and on whether religion can justify discrimination.

Supreme Court Bars Favoring Mothers Over Fathers in Citizenship Case

The justices ruled a citizenship law was based on stereotypes that violated equal protection principles. In another case, involving debt collection, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch issued his first opinion.