What’s the Cure for Ailing Nations? More Kings and Queens, Monarchists Say

Proponents of constitutional monarchies argue they offer stability, and a study shows some possible economic advantages. Critics are far from convinced.

White Nationalists Want to March Again. Charlottesville Says No.

Officials from Charlottesville, Va., denied permits to organizers who wanted to mark the anniversary of the August rally that resulted in the death of a young woman.

Lawmakers Confront F.B.I. Director Over Report on Black Extremists

The F.B.I. director faced sharp questioning over an internal report that some have said called to mind the F.B.I.’s illegal spying on blacks during the civil rights movement.

In America’s Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door

Tony Hovater, a 29-year-old welder, helped form a pro-Nazi group that marched in Charlottesville. Now he is hoping his ideas will go mainstream.

A Roadshow of Hate: Supremacist Rallies Fueled by Travelers From Afar

At two demonstrations in Tennessee on Saturday, as at many white nationalist events, local police faced unfamiliar crowds coming mostly from out of town.