Justices Return to Culture Wars in Wedding Cake Case

A Colorado baker’s refusal to serve a gay couple on religious grounds has led to a major Supreme Court showdown.

Sidebar: This ‘Tenacious Underdog’ Won His First Supreme Court Case. Now He’s Back.

The justices will consider whether a Florida city violated the First Amendment rights of a persistent critic by arresting him at a public meeting.

Justices Take Cases on Free Speech at Pregnancy Centers and Polling Places

One case asks whether centers operated by abortion opponents must provide information on the procedure. The other is on political apparel at polling places.

Sidebar: Where to Draw Line on Free Speech? Wedding Cake Case Vexes Lawyers

The case of a Colorado baker who refused to serve a gay couple on free speech grounds poses a test for First Amendment experts.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Is Barred From Speaking at a Federal Building

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center’s private management company cited security concerns in denying Mr. Spencer the space.