Democrats Question Justice Dept. Power to Charge Sanctuary City Leaders

California’s senators asked Jeff Sessions why the Justice Department is exploring criminal charges against local politicians.

Senate Panel Says Kushner Failed to Provide Russia Documents

In a bipartisan letter, the Senate Judiciary Committee said that President Trump’s son-in-law did not hand over documents about a “Russian backdoor overture.”

Targeting China’s Purchases, Congress Proposes Tougher Reviews of Foreign Investments

Members of the House and Senate proposed more stringent reviews of Chinese investments Wednesday, even as President Trump traveled to Beijing to announce new deals.

Hillary Clinton Gets an Award and Tears are Shed

As the first anniversary of her loss to Donald Trump approaches, frustration and anger among her supporters seem more palpable.

‘I Have the Energy’: Dianne Feinstein Makes Case for a 6th Term

By ADAM NAGOURNEY October 9, 2017 LOS ANGELES — She is the oldest member of the United States Senate. She’s lasted through four presidents, at least two wars, one impeachment and the election of Donald J. Trump. And now, eight months short of her...

Judiciary Chairman Considers Subpoenas in Trump Investigation

Senate Judiciary Committee leaders are growing frustrated with what they see as stonewalling from the Justice Department over their Russia probe.