Peterborough Journal: This City Once Made Much of What Canada Bought. But No More.

With the closing of plants like a 126-year-old G.E. factory, many in Peterborough, Ontario, scoff at the idea that Nafta benefits only Canada and Mexico.

Toyota and Mazda Choose Alabama for $1.6 Billion Car Plant

The new plant is part of an initiative by Toyota to invest $10 billion in the United States over the next five years.

G.O.P. Says Tax Bill Will Add Jobs in U.S. It May Yield More Hiring Abroad.

Supporters say the recently approved tax law will help American multinationals compete more aggressively overseas. Others see incentives to put factories overseas.

The Daily: Looking at Blue-Collar Factory Jobs in the Rearview Mirror

The road ahead for workers in Indianapolis won’t be easy, but our reporter has reasons for hope after her ninth trip there this year.

In a Complex Tax Bill, Let the Hunt for Loopholes Begin

A 2004 change by Congress, meant to foster domestic manufacturing, may provide a cautionary tale: You can mine a lot of tax breaks from just one word.