Fact Check: Trump Overstates Government Shutdown’s Effect on the Military

President Trump has repeatedly said that a government shutdown would devastate the military. But many parts of the military would continue to operate.

Fact Check: These Claims About ‘Chain Migration’ Are Not Accurate

President Trump claimed “22 to 24 people came in” the United States on immigration visas sponsored by the Manhattan truck attacker, but this is implausible.

Fact Check: Trump’s Aviation Boast Fails to Get in the Air

President Trump claimed undue credit for the “safest year on record” in commercial aviation, despite having done little on the issue.

Fact Check: 10 Falsehoods From Trump’s Interview With The Times

The inaccurate statements covered the Russia investigation, health care, immigration and the president’s following on social media.

Fact Check: Trump Falsely Claims to Have ‘Repealed Obamacare’

The repeal of the individual mandate in the tax bill, despite President Trump’s claim, does not amount to a repeal of the entire health care law.

Fact Check: Trump Embellishes the Truth in a Speech to the Thin Blue Line

Among other claims, President Trump inaccurately said the Obama administration “refused” to equip police with military gear with little reason.