Patrick Meehan, Congressman Combating Harassment, Settled His Own Misconduct Case

Representative Patrick Meehan, a Republican member of the House Ethics Committee, used taxpayer money to pay a former aide who had seen him as a father figure before he made unwanted advances.

Prosecutors Had the Wrong Man. They Prosecuted Him Anyway.

The wrongfully convicted have tried, and failed, to hold the New Orleans district attorney’s office accountable for breaking evidence rules. Now a lawsuit is citing 45 examples.

Major Donor Reconsiders Support for Democrats Who Urged Al Franken to Quit

The donor, Susie Tompkins Buell, who has spent millions on liberal causes, said Mr. Franken’s fellow senators “moved too fast” in calling on him to resign.

Santa and SpongeBob Helped Doug Jones Win. Here’s How.

There were more than 22,000 write-in votes cast in the Alabama Senate race. That number exceeded the margin of Doug Jones’s victory. Republicans, unwilling to cross party lines, but unhappy with Roy S. Moore, presumably wrote in these names.

On Washington: With New Focus on Sexual Misconduct, Democrats Take Aim at Trump

After purging some from their ranks, Democrats intensify a push to investigate the president over accusations of harassment and abuse.