Olympic Détente Upends U.S. Strategy on North Korea

For the White House, the budding détente scrambles its strategy of pressuring the North, with sanctions and threats of military action, to give up its nuclear arsenal.

News Analysis: Trump’s Demand to Rewrite Iran Deal Tests a Weakened Diplomatic Corps

The Trump administration is being forced to rethink strategies that were driven largely by military considerations.

Trump Hates the Iran Deal but Won’t Kill It. Why?

Despite tough talk on Iran, President Trump announced that he would waive certain sanctions that keep the nuclear deal in place.

Trump Watches From the Sidelines as the Koreas Begin to Talk

The Trump administration doesn’t oppose diplomatic talks on the Korean Peninsula but worries the North will try to drive a wedge between the United States and South Korea.

Trump Reiterates Support for Iranian Protesters, but Also Criticizes Obama

Unlike President Barack Obama, who was faulted for his response to the protests that became known as the Green Movement, President Trump has come down on the side of the demonstrators

U.S. Punishes Chechen Leader in New Sanctions Against Russians

Sanctions could be a sign the Trump administration is heightening pressure on some Russians despite a more accommodating tone with President Vladimir V. Putin.